my reality is an unending dream

30 November 1979
i am addicted to anything related to dongbangshinki and harry potter. i mean anything. i also like a splash of different cultures. i am very fond of books, movies, writing stories and cats. i also am very crazy over harry and draco. i love them!~

i am working as a teacher right now, so i have a very hectic schedule. but that won't keep me from writing fanfics! ^^ oh, and i am teaching koreans for almost three years now. which goes to say that i am a bit familiar with the culture and all that. it's a plus because i can understand DBSK (if only a bit)!! ~_*V

annnd... i am a very serious person, very serious.. NOT. ^^ I am very kind, very understanding, very humorous..i am an angel!!! hahahaha! get to know me if you like...^_^

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